Our Story


We are very happy that you are visiting rlxback’s homepage.
rlxback is a special gift for you or someone you know, directly from an independent innovator, it’s a unique product for you to use for years to come.

The innovation and design lays foremost in the collapsibility. rlxback is a Patented and Design protected product, from Malmo, Sweden.

The innovator was tired of back and arm pain as it was after a visit on the beach or after a picnic. Bringing a bulky sun/outdoor chair walking, or on the bike was no option. The innovators goal was to make a backrest that was easy to bring to the beach, picnic or any other relaxing places. The backrest should not be square, and should be easy and light weighted to bring on your back or take with you on a bike ride.
The backrest should have 2 positions and be able to cope with sand, grit and salt/water, so no screws or bolts, you should even be able to dip your backrest in the ocean to clean it of. The backrest should be able to take a lot of backpressure, and have no width restrictions, and fit all types of bodies.
And of course be very comfortable!

A goal was also that you easily could bring your backrest with you, when travelling of to different beach holiday destinations. Avoiding renting/buying new beach chairs on every destination saves both the environment and the wallet. You should be able to pick your favourite spot and sit close to the water if you want.

All this resulted in rlxback, which is collapsible, is light weighted, has 2 positions, 2 pockets and a comfortable back and neck support.
rlxback free your arms, is your back’s best friend, no more restless positions!

It´s time to rlxback!