Our Story


Join the rlxback(s)olution! And the story….

rlxback will fill a gap in the market for all you who needs a light backrest on the go!
This page will be a transparency page about from whom, why and how we do it.


My name is Anette Larsson from Malmö, Sweden
I am the innovator and CEO of the Patented and Design protected backrest rlxback.

Why rlxback?

I couldn’t find a light foldable backrest that was easy to bring with me out to picnics, beaches, festivals etc.
The ones on the market where too bulky and heavy to carry when walking or to bring on the bike.
So with no backrest, I often ended up in restless positions and with a back and arm ache, and not relaxed at all.


I decided to do a backrest that should fill a gap to all people whom usually brought nothing! now there is something!
And with the good feeling of when you rlxback!
you back Swedish innovation, sustainability and jobs in EU at the same time!

The rlxback should be, and is easy! Made to last! A pass it on peoples product!
So here is rlxback, your back’s best friend, no more restless positions, no more back/arm ache, free your arms and put them to better use!

Go directly to and from shopping, restaurant, beach, picnic etc. without picking up or leaving off a bulky chair.
Bring your rlxback easily walking, cycling, take it with you on your next beach vacation, no need to rent a a sun chair!
Avoid renting or throwing away chairs, saves both the environment and your wallet.

Some examples of # What, Where and When?

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Our main goal was to produce in Europe!
Some companies are still thinking of it, we have already done it!

We have moved our production from China to Europe!
We want to be sustainable by cutting down on carbon footsteps and produce close to our customers, and create jobs nearby.
So when you rlxback, you rlxback towards a better production.

  • The rlxback plastic base is made in Motala, Sweden by Teknoplast.
  • The fabric/textile parts are manufactured in Pelhrimov, Czechia by Ganttex

Enjoy a healthier socio economical/environmental circular society by

And you back these 6 Global Goals at the same time!

Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals
  • A closer transparent environmental production and fewer steps between the production and the customer = more money to a EU production and partnership
  • Which = less transport carbon footprint and emissions at land, ocean and sea    
  • This creates jobs and a supply chain effect close by, and financial circular economy 
  • Which contributes to peoples physical and mental health, and sustainability.

Thank you and have a great day!

It´s time to rlxback!