Info about rlxback


Why is you website only in English when your company is Swedish?

We decided to try it this way for a while, but you can email us in Swedish and if you call us we speak Swedish.

Is the rlxback product design only made by rlxback?

-Yes! rlxback is made by an independent Swedish female innovator from Malmo, who has then brought it to the market by herself, (rlxback is also a Patented and Design protected product). Please read more in Our story.

Is rlxback the lightest backrest in the outdoor market?

Yes only 1kg, with the 2 positions and that rlxback doesn’t collapse when you leave it, we can definitely say that rlxback is the lightest backrest on the market.

Do rlxback give me a good back support?

-Yes! In position 1 make sure you sit as close to the backrest middle base part as possible, and then just relaxback

Is it easy to change positions?.

-It’s made to be easy! sitting down, use both hands, and with a small grip around the pipes you easily change the position, just make sure that the pipes are securely in the receiving openings. After a few times you do it without even looking. Check out the How to film further down on this page.

Is the bag also a pillow?

Yes, rlxback has a minimalistic design, so the bag also doubles as a back/head support. The bag has also 2 pockets for your phone, keys etc.

How to use 

Good to know


The fabric is of 600D Polyester and dries quickly.


The bottom of the sitting part has a reflective silver insulation protection, perfect if you are sitting on a colder or wet ground.


Fits all body sizes.


If your rlxback is damp or wet when you put the rlxback in the bag, please unpack and assemble your rlxback to dry up at the earliest opportunity. Or the risk of damp/mold damages on the fabric can occur.


rlxback doesn’t fall back if you lift you legs, because of the stabilising back pipes.


rlxback doesn’t collapse when you are leaving your rlxback like some similar products do.


Fits all body sizes.


The back of the rlxback is a perfect place for storing your cool drink or your bag.


Put a beach towel on your rlxback and you will be very comfortable.


rlxback is very light weighted, so if it’s a little bit windy and you leave your rlxback for a moment, put something on that weighs down your rlxback, a bag or something else.


The more you use the rlxback the better it gets, rlxback loves warm weather and has been through a lot of endurance testing’s, so we hope you will like it too.

Orders & Shipping

Which payment methods do you accept?

-We accept the following forms of payment for online purchases:
Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Nets, Swish

How much will it cost to ship my order?

-Nothing! The shipping is free for all customers within Sweden.

Due to international circumstances we are at the moment only shipping within Sweden

What shipping method is used?

-We use DHL for most deliveries.

Can I order to someone else’s address?

-Yes absolutely, just add the name, the delivery address and mobile number of the person who is picking it up, and make sure that this person has an ID card.

I am unable to place an order. What can I do?

-Please try the following if you are unable to place an order:

  • Try the payment process again to see if it goes through. 
  • Place an order using a computer instead of a smart phone/tablet. 
  • Try Google Chrome as our website tends to work best with this internet browser. 
  • If your payment is still not successful, please contact us at and provide us with a screen shot. 

Do I have the right to exchange my item?

-You have 14 days to exchange your item from the day it was delivered to your nearest postal pick-up point. But please always contact us beforehand at, if you are not happy with your product. However, we do not accept exchanges for products that has been visibly used and damaged.

How do I get in touch with you?

-We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions or comments that you’d like to share with us, please contact us at

We always answer within 24 hours.

It´s time to rlxback!